meet Amy


I’ve been on this creative journey for over ten years. 

I’ve auditioned and avoided auditioning. 
I’ve performed and procrastinated. 
I’ve succeeded and I’ve failed. 

Just like you.

Along the way, I learned some life-changing lessons from mentors, coaches, and business owners that I believe actors need to know.  


Because these lessons can change the trajectory of your career and the quality of your life. 

I know what it’s like to buy into industry bullshit, to ask the wrong people for advice, and hope someone can finally give you your big break. And I know for a fact that none of it leads you where you want to go.

My mission to empower actors began with a podcast and continues now with this coaching company where I help you change your life, mindset, and career for the better.

I am who I needed ten years ago, five years ago, and even just one year ago, and I’m here for you now.

You are not alone and you deserve a life and career you love.

love, Amy

Dear Fellow Actor, 

my mission:

To empower actors in the grind to love their lives, care for their hearts, and build the confidence needed to bravely go after their dreams.

Our mission is to empower you to live your best life and reach your highest potential. Everything we do flows from that. From our podcast guests to the questions we ask, and the action steps given in a coaching call - it’s all intentionally leading you where you want to go.

With Intention

My clients know I’m kind, but I’m nothing if not honest. Working with me is a loving kick in the butt about what needs to happen next. That might mean taking bigger risks in your career outreach. Or it could be taking time to slow down and rest before pushing further. When you work with me, be prepared to hear honesty first and foremost because that's the key to real progress.

Honesty First

We are heart-first around here. I know this career is a hard one, and I respect where you’re coming from emotionally on any given day. You’re an artist at heart, which means you’re both sensitive and strong. I’m here for you with warmth and understanding. 

Always Kind

how we do things


Amy is an LA based voice over and stage actress with experience in both the East and West Coast markets. For the last ten years, she served as Project Manager and Marketing Consultant for dozens of 6&7-figure CEOs. Here she mastered the art of organizing big ideas and turning them into achievable strategies for success. 

With this experience and her education in personal growth, Amy now empowers actors through the Actors Encouraged podcast and mindset coaching. In short? Amy gives actors the confidence, clarity, & most loving kick-in-the-butt to love their lives and keep going after their dreams.

About Amy


Stage Musical:
Come From Away

Movie Musical:
Singin in the rain

Disney Movie:

sweeping romance: Ever After

Amy's faves

A million thanks to:

Mack Sweeney for coaching me to launch the podcast

Lauren Lovett for helping me find my voice

Ashli Pollard for teaching me how to confidently run a business

Sam Valentine for paving the way as an actress on a mission to serve

Beth Hawkes for the incredible brand photography

Nicole Nixon for this undeniably stunning website

Bonnie Myszka for all the sisterly love

Paula McNabb for showing me how to enthusiastically believe in myself and others

& to my husband for his forever support

thank you